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Grandfather with child
We don’t give much thought to the air we breath until it
becomes polluted. When our health starts to suffer, we become
concerned. There are laws now to control car and factory fumes.

Our daughter lived in Mexico City for several years in
missions work. The pollution was so bad there that, at times her nose
would bleed. The license plates on the cars are numbered and only
certain numbers can be driven on certain days.

How important is our atmosphere? If a person traveled to
Mars, the moment they stepped onto the surface without a space suit
they would die. The same thing would happen on any other planet or
moon. We should be very thankful for the atmosphere surrounding our

Many people are looking seriously at the air in their homes.
There are businesses that clean out dirty heating ducts. Many people
spend a lot of money on air purifiers, humidifiers, and such.

We are careful of what kind of chemicals, paints, cleaners and other
dangerous things we release into the air of our homes. There are all
kinds of warnings on the labels of various products. The bottom line is
that people are concerned about the well being of their families.

This brings to mind another kind of atmosphere in our homes.
This is a pollution that can come into our home that is far more
dangerous than we might think. one of the reasons it doesn’t seem a
threat is that it sometimes takes a long time for the results to show.

There are machines that can test the air in a home, but what about
the moral atmosphere? Is there constant fighting and bickering? Are
cursing and lying common?

What is drifting  into the home? Do books, magazines, TV
shows, video games, etc. promote wrong ideals? Being unfaithful to a
spouse, lying, cursing, violence are not only promoted as being “cool”,
but are made to look so good that people desire that lifestyle. What
attitude do we want our family to have?

While we are being careful of poisons and chemicals, maybe we
should be careful of moral poisons getting into our home and harming us
and our children.

Maybe it’s time for a home atmosphere check-up. What
do you think?
by H. Witmyer