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By what we read in the news, view in magazines,
and see on TV, we would think that any sensible
person would be a fool not to believe in evolution.
All this" proof " must be true. Or is it? Here is a
website that tells the other side of the story. Click
on this site and learn all about it.
Almost any museum that you go to today will only tell you
about evolution. Let people hear the other side of the
story. Support and visit the Creation Museum.
If you  think that evolution is true, the Answers in Genesis website
will blow you away. They have answers that the world just doesn't
know. Be informed and know what's going on.
Give this site a try, you'll be glad you did.
The fish pond at the museum, there's lots of park around it.
The gift shop, lots to look at here.
One of the many great displays