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As you walk up onto the porch, the
windows shining with light say, ”This is a warm and
cozy place.

As you press the button a chime rings out
and seems to say” Good, someone is here to visit us”

A man and woman come to the door.
Their smile and warm welcome show that they are
really glad you are here to visit.

As you enter the room and sit back in a
comfortable chair, the carpet, wallpaper, and drapes
seem to say “ How cozy it is in here“.

Two children enter the room. You can
see by the expression on their faces that they are
happy to be a part of this home. Their politeness
shows that they have been well taught.

We take a seat at the dinner table. A
prayer of thanksgiving is given. The prayer is felt, not
just said. You know that this is a regular thing, not only
when company is present.

After the fine meal, we go to the living room for
fellowship. The conversation is positive and
encouraging. No tearing someone down, or
complaining about this or that

When we look up at the clock, we realize
that we have been talking for hours. It seemed like we
had been there for such a short time. Sadly it was time
to leave.

As we say our “Goodbyes” and walk to our
car, we say to each other “ My what a nice warm and
cozy place“. The thing that we both agreed to, was that
we would like to come back and visit this home again.

One of the happiest places is a home that
the Lord has blessed.

We pray that when people enter our
they will feel the love and presence of the
Lord there.

Proverbs 10:22 The blessing of the LORD, it maketh
rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.
By H. Witmyer