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I wonder how many times in a day we hear the statement” I
don’t like that.”
Someone uses this statement for an excuse not to do something.

A young mother decides to never make her son do something
that he doesn’t like.

He eats only what he likes. Soon he is eating only deserts and
junk food.

Mom takes him shopping for clothes. She says to her son
“ Here is a real nice shirt. ( It costs $20) The boy says “I don’t like it, I
like this one over here(It costs $50) Guess which shirt she bought?
You guessed it!

The son is a teenager now. Mom decides to buy him his own
car since he just obtained his drivers license. They go shopping mom
finds a real nice car within their budget.($3000) The boy takes one look
and says” I don’t like it.” He says” I like this sports car over here.”
($10,000) Guess again which one she bought him.

The boy drives up into the driveway one day and mom
comes out to meet him. She says to him “Son will you please cut the
grass?” Your dad is sick and can’t cut it, and it is getting so long. The
teen answers” I don’t like to cut the grass”. Sooo he didn’t cut the

When and if this young man marries how will his wife
fare? She better pray that he likes his job. Does he like this or that. If
he don’t you can be sure that it won’t be done.

I hear myself saying” I don’t like that” and making that a good
excuse not to do something. I can see that I need to change my ways.
If I don’t I could start to look like this young boy.

Jesus prayed in the garden “Not my will be done” What if He
had said “I don’t like that”? Where would we be today? Where would
this world be if everybody used that excuse.

The next time that you are tempted to say “I don’t like
that”, and use it for an excuse not to do something. Consider that it
will not be done or someone
else must do it.

I’m not going to do that, I don’t like it.
Jesus did it!

I’m not going there, I don’t like it.
Jesus went there!

I’m going to quit, I don’t like it.
Jesus didn’t quit!

If you won’t God will find someone else who will!

How then can God say, “Well done good and faithful servant”?
I don't like that
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