The article below is from one of the most intellectual men in the world, Dave Hunt. It's the truth about
the religion of Islam - and we would do well read it and to do more in-depth research on the truth
about Islam!

That Islam is "peace and tolerance" is the most popular lie in
the world today. Intellectuals in the West who defame Christ parrot the
most fatuous praise of Muhammad, in spite of his legacy of murder,
pillage and rape. A Sesame Street-type Arabic TV program features
children training to be suicide bombers and chanting "Death to Israel" --
for peace, of course. Reporter Ann Coulter suggests, "Inasmuch as
liberals are demanding that Americans ritualistically proclaim, ‘Islam is a
religion of peace,’ Muslims might do their part by not killing people all
the time." 1
That our leaders promote this lie, and that so many believe it
without one fact to support it, bodes ill for America and the world. We
only ask Muslims for one example of where and when Islam ever
brought peace and tolerance -- and please don’t threaten us with death
(the standard Islamic persuasion) for asking!
Never forget that Muslims slaughtered and conquered "for Allah" from
Spain to China. These Arab conquests (defensive battles, they claim)
were "more rapid than the Roman, more lasting than the Mongol...the
most amazing feat in military history." Islam's founder, Muhammad,
began his career attacking rich caravans passing near his base in
Medina. The first three assaults failed. The fourth succeeded because
the victims were surprised by an ambush during Ramadan. Arab tribes
had long refrained from aggression in that "holy month." Muhammad,
however, had received a "revelation" authorizing plunder and murder in
Allah’s name during this special time of peace (Surah 2:217). Another
absolved the Muslims of killing: "Ye slew them not, but Allah slew
them" (Surah 8:17).
Most Muslims don’t realize that in observing Ramadan and the
annual pilgrimage (hajj) to Mecca, they follow what pagan Arabs
practiced for centuries before Muhammad was born (see TBC Feb ’00).
Had President Bush known the truth instead of the misinformation fed to
him by Cleveland State University law professor David F. Forte, 3 he
might not have hosted a White House dinner honoring "the holy month
Ramadan," nor flattered Muslims saying "all the world continues to
benefit from this faith and its achievements." Benefit?
Challenged to do miracles like Christ, Muhammad could do none. On
March 16, 624, near Badr, he led 300 warriors in a vicious attack against
a large Meccan caravan protected by a force of 800. Some 40 Meccans
were killed and 60 taken prisoner to a loss of only 14 Muslims. This
amazing victory was seen as the attesting miracle Muhammad needed.
As a result, the ranks of Muslims swelled with those eager to share in
future plunder.
Having proved himself the prophet of Allah with the sword,
Muhammad sealed his apostleship with more than twenty murders,
beginning with al-Nadr, an old enemy from Mecca. Taken captive in the
battle at Badr, he pleaded that the Meccan Qur’aish tribe would never
kill captives. Muhammad had him beheaded anyway, justifying the deed
with another "revelation": "It is not for any Prophet to have captives
until he hath made slaughter in the land" (Surah 8:67).
Much of the growing Muslim wealth came from robbing and killing Jews,
causing "the disappearance of these Jewish communities from Arabia
proper"4 -- justified by a further "revelation" (Surah 33:26,27). To this
day, by law no Jew may set foot in Saudi Arabia.
A number of poets were murdered at Muhammad’s behest for
having mocked him in verse. The first was the poetess Asma bint
Marwan, stabbed to death by Umayr while she was nursing her
youngest child. The poet Abu Afak (reportedly more than 100 years old)
was murdered next. Then came the Jewish poet Ka’b bin al-Ashraf. A
timely "revelation" said all poets were inspired of Satan (Surah 26:221-
Does it bother today’s Muslims that murder, rape, plunder and
slavery of innocent people were the accepted way of life upon which
Islam was founded and still operates? Apparently not. Ka’b’s murder
(the account slanted with fictitious details) is justified on a popular
Muslim website, revealing Islam’s peculiar meaning of "peace" and
Ka’b had become a real danger to the state of peace and
mutual trust which the Prophet was struggling to achieve in Madinah....
The Prophet was quite exasperated with him....This was all part of the
great process...which helped to make Islam spread and establish it on
foundations of justice and piety. 5 [Emphasis added]
Christ left Christians "an example, that ye should follow his
steps: who did no sin, neither was guile found in his mouth: who, when
he was reviled, reviled not again; when he suffered, he threatened not...
[but] bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to
sins, should live unto righteousness..." (1 Pt 2:21-24). But the Muslim
must follow the example of Muhammad who killed all who dared to
disagree with him!
A Christian must "know" God (Jer 9:24; Jn 17:3), "love" God with
all his heart (Dt 6:5; Mt 22:37, etc.) and "believe" in Christ in his heart
(Acts 8:37; Rom 10:9). The God of the Bible wants man’s trust and
affection without coercion.
In contrast, Allah can be neither known nor loved. Nor does one even
have to believe to become a Muslim. Under threat of death, one merely
recites aloud, "There is no ila (god) but Allah and Muhammad is his
prophet." This "conversion without faith" was established when Abu
Sufyan, a Qur’aish leader, upon surrendering Mecca in 630 to
Muhammad and his superior army, admitted that he doubted the latter’s
prophethood. He was warned, "‘Accept Islam and testify that
Muhammad is the apostle of Allah before your neck is cut off by the
sword.’ Thus [without believing] he professed the faith of Islam and
became a Muslim." 6 This pattern is followed today: confess or die!
Upon Muhammad’s death in A.D. 632, many Arabs attempted to
abandon Islam. Abu Bakr (the first caliph to succeed Muham) and his
warriors in the infamous Wars of Apostasy killed tens of thousands of
ex-Muslims, forcing Arabia back into Islam. Muhammad had
commanded, "Whoever relinquishes his faith, kill him." Islam is still
enforced this way under shari’a (Islamic law) in Saudi Arabia and
wherever Muslims are able to do so. This is peace and tolerance?!
The Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights was
announced at the International Conference on the Prophet Muhammad
and his Message held in London in April 1980. It declares, "Islam gave to
mankind an ideal code of human rights fourteen centuries ago...based
on the Qur’an and the Sunnah [teachings and practice of Muhammad]...."
Human rights? What deceit!
Abu Bakr was succeeded as caliph by Umar Abu Hafsa. His armies took
Damascus in 635, Antioch in 636, Jerusalem in 638, Syria in 640, Egypt
and Persia in 641. Entire cities were massacred, such as Behnesa,
Fayum, Nikiu and Aboit in Egypt, Tripoli in North Africa and Euchaita in
Armenia. Carthage was razed to the ground. In 644, Umar was murdered.
Uthman ibn Affan, the third caliph, consolidated and
expanded the growing Islamic empire. A son-in-law of Muhammad, he
standardized the Qur’an, burning all rival copies over protests of those
still alive who remembered different readings and missing verses.
Among these was Muhammad’s favorite wife Aisha who, by the way,
never veiled her face. Uthman, too, was murdered by a rival Muslim
faction. Prevented from being buried in a Muslim cemetery, he was
buried at night by friends, ironically, in a Jewish cemetery.
Islam divides the world into dar al-Islam (the house of peace)
and dar al-Harb (the house of war). To bring "peace," Allah commands,
"I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads! (8:
13); Slay the idolaters wherever you find them...(9:5); O Prophet,
struggle with the unbelievers and hypocrites and be thou harsh with
them...(9:73); Believers, make war on the infidels that dwell around
you..." (9:123). Perpetual jihad is commanded until all the world is under
shari’a. Nor would that bring peace, because Muslims fight among
themselves, as history testifies.
The fourth and last of the "rightly guided" caliphs was
Ali, Muhammad’s cousin and son-in-law. Accused of complicity in
Uthman’s murder, he never fully established his rule. Aisha supported a
rebellion against him, resulting in the Battle of the Camel in which
10,000 were killed. Ali won, but was murdered in 661.
Wars of succession pitted Qur’aish against Bedouins, Umayyads
against the Hashimite followers of Ali, etc. Most of Ali’s family were
killed by rival Muslims in 680. Mecca was besieged by troops of Yezid,
an Umayyad; the Ka’aba (later restored) was burned to the ground, its
Black Stone split into three pieces. Mecca was taken in 692 by Abd-al-
Malik (who in 691 had built the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem to
replace the Ka’aba). He united Muslims once again by force and Islam
continued its conquests.
In 712, Muslim raiders under Muhammad Qasun began the
invasion of India, demolishing temples and palaces and massacring, as
in Constantinople, where the streets ran with blood. "The massacres
perpetrated by Muslims in India are unparalleled in history, bigger in
sheer numbers than the Holocaust...."7 But Islam is "peace!"
The Umayyad caliphate ruled the Muslim world until 749
when all of the Umayyads were murdered by the rival Abbasids, except
one survivor, abd-al-Rahman, who fled to Spain where he established an
independent caliphate. Thus began the Abbasid caliphate, which lasted
until 1258 in spite of intrigue, assassinations and uprisings -- all
peaceful, of course.
The double-cross and murder of Muslims at the hands of
Muslims continues to this day. Scarcely a Muslim regime is not ruled by
a dictator who seized power from other Muslims, as in Syria and Iraq.
The ten-year revolution in Algeria has cost 100,000 lives. In Afghanistan,
rival Muslim warlords fight one another. "Infidels" have to intervene
there as in the Gulf, to enforce peace among "peaceful" Muslims.
Muslims loyal to the murdered Ali and his sons are called Shi’
ites (the majority in Iran). The others are called Sunnis and comprise the
majority elsewhere. These two factions have long demonstrated that
"Islam is peace" by fighting one another, as in the eight-year war
between Iran and Iraq when more people were killed than in World War I.
Muslim conquests involving multiple massacres of
literally millions continued for more than 1,300 years. Under the
Abbasids the Islamic empire reached its zenith of power, prosperity and
In Spain (to which Muslims point as an example of their tolerance) the
garrison of Muez was slaughtered in 920; Pamplona was put to the
sword in 923; then Cordova, Zaragoza and Mereda, with all adult males
killed and women and children enslaved. The Jews of Granada were
butchered in 1066, 34 years after 6,000 Jews had been slaughtered in
Fez, Morocco. In 1146, Islamic Fez was put to the sword by rival
Muslims, the Almohads, who conquered much of North Africa after
annihilating the Almoravides (another Muslim faction) with about 100,000
massacred, another 120,000 killed in Marrakesh, and similar slaughters
elsewhere -- all gestures of "peace."
The 400-year rule of the Ottoman Turks saw forced
kidnappings of young boys into Islam and slavery, causing parents to
mutilate children to make them undesirable. Under the Ottomans, being
Greek, Armenian, Serb or any other non-Muslim was to live in daily fear
of murder, rape, torture, genocide. To this day, Serbs and Bulgarians
loathe Turks and Bosnians.
When Sultan Murad III died, his son Muhammad had all
nineteen of his brothers murdered and the seven of his father’s
concubines who were pregnant sewn into sacks and thrown into the
sea. The successor of Murad IV had all 300 women in his harem sewn
into sacks and thrown into the Bosphorus. Like so many other Muslim
leaders, he was murdered- -- peacefully.
The persecution of Jews in Roman Catholic Europe was mild
compared to what Ottoman Christians endured for four centuries. More
than a million Armenians were slaughtered in the last decades of the
nineteenth and the first of the twentieth centuries, as well as many
thousands of Jews, Greeks, Assyrians, Lebanese, et al. Tragically, the
oppression and bloodshed were often condoned by Western powers,
particularly England and at times America. In the great 1915 genocide,
"women came with butcher knives [to] gain that merit in Allah’s eyes
that comes from killing a Christian." 8 The destruction of Smyrna in
September 1922 with the deliberate massacre of nearly 300,000
inhabitants is another example of Islamic "peace." English, American,
Italian and French battleships anchored in the harbor repelled fleeing
victims who swam out to them for help.9The popular "explanation" that
Osama bin Laden and other terrorists are not Muslims, but fanatics, is a
rebuke to the Qur’an, to Muhammad, and to Islam itself. As Trifkovic
writes (p. 127), "Thirteen centuries of...suffering and death of countless
millions, have been covered by the myth of Islamic ‘tolerance’...." The
West winks at the blatant denial of basic human rights and support of
terrorism by Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries -- even favors
Islamic terrorists in Chechnya, Cyprus, Bosnia, Kashmir, Kosovo,
Macedonia, Sudan and East Timor.
Our politically correct delusion is leading to disaster.
Tragically, the gospel is kept from Islamic countries by the failure of
Western governments to admit and confront the truth about Islam.
Please continue to inform yourselves, to protest to our leaders, to pray
for God’s intervention, and to be witnesses for Christ to Muslims in our
country. TBC
2 Will Durant, The Story of Civilization (Simon and Schuster, 1950), IV: 188.
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