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Tea Party
Tea cup
Tea cup
Here are some photos of our little cat, Jade.  After
our 18 1/2 -year -old black and white cat, Pepper, passed away a
year ago in February, we didn’t know for sure if we wanted
another pet.  But after over a year of not having a “little one”
running around the house, we felt it was time to adopt another.  A
friend told us that their family needed to find a new home for
their 8 -month- old black and white cat, Boo, and asked if we
would be interested in taking her. After seeing Boo, we decided
the answer was “yes”.  With a new home, Boo also got a new
name. She is a gentle -natured, affectionate little lady, with the
triangular -shaped face, large ears, and delicate, long, lean build
of an oriental breed. “Jade” seemed just the right name for her.
We have three large hydrangea bushes, one in the front yard and
two in the back. They are beautiful when in bloom, and I often
bring flowers from them into the house.

The first photo is of happy Jade, tail up, with a vase of

On the second, she has decided to lie down on the table.

The third photo is of me on my favorite rocker, with Jade on
my lap. (her favorite place; she is a lap-cat for sure; just what I
wanted! She has been trying to “help” me type this article and is
not pleased when I pay more attention to the keyboard than to
her.) It is a little difficult to see her on the photo with her head
down like that. All the black fur blends together.

The fourth picture was taken while she was on our living
room rocker.

The fifth is of her smelling the petunias on our back porch.
(She’s just now decided to stop prowling around the computer
desk and is lying with her paws on the mouse pad. Maybe she
wanted to type this article herself, and I was getting in her way! :-)