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Honey bear
The ordinances of the Lord- - -
sweeter also than honey and
thehoneycomb.   Psalms 19:10
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I was raised in a family that attended a main-line
church. If I were to mention the name, most people would
know it.

My dad was on the church board. Many nights
after a meeting he would come home angry saying that the
pastor was acting like a child. I guess there had been a big
fuss in the board meeting. My parents prayed over the
food if we had guests, but not at other times.

When mom and I went to Wed. night prayer
meetings, I noticed some choir members waiting outside
church until it was time for practice, neglecting the Bible
study. I could't get interested in the services on Sunday,
and I was glad when they were over. Then in my teens, I
drifted away from church.

I went from one hobby to another seeking
something to satisfy. I felt empty and without purpose in
life, but I did have a love for God. Once I went to see a
movie about Jesus, and I really cried.

When I was drafted into the army, my whole life
changed. It was the first time I was away from home for
any length of time. I felt so homesick and alone. I visited a
church, but the young people talked so nasty that I said to
myself,"I won't come back here".

Later, I attended a church service in Leesville,
La. The people were so different from the church people I
had known before. They were very friendly and invited me
into their homes. Then I saw how they lived and how their
children acted, I said,"I want what they have"

At their church, I found out what it was; I
needed the Holy Ghost. My mother told me that I already
had the Holy Ghost; that you just believe that you have it
and you do. These people said the Bible teaches that you
will speak in other tongues when you are filled with the
Spirit. They taught that I needed to repent, so one night I
went to the altar (which was new to me), and I poured out
my heart to God. I felt so much better, but I still wanted the
Holy Ghost.

Soon after, we visited a revival service in a
small country church.That night I received the Holy Ghost
and spoke in tongues just as the early Christians did. What
an experience! I kept saying, "I never knew there was
anything like this! The next night I was baptized in Jesus'
name for the remission of my sins. I felt so clean! Life has
been all new since that time. My desires were turned
around. I now wanted to always do right, and I now had the
power to do it.

I was a young soldier then; now I am  retired.
Since I know what "being born again" really means, it has
given me a whole new life. Anyone can have the same
Me in army uniform
Me and my wife
By H. Witmyer
Acts 2:38