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John the Revelator listened to the praise response of the  multitude
around the throne in Revelation 19:6, he described it as “the voice of a
great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, and
as the voice of
mighty thunderings.
” Those words perfectly depict the roar of praise
that went up from the more than
400,000 people who gathered in the
tabernacle area
for the 2002 Wara Crusade, March 9-10. The Eleventh
Annual Wara Crusade was especially blessed in every measure.
During the Saturday healing service, Pastor Rick Maricelli preached a
great faith-building message, and
we witnessed many notable
miracles. Several people testified to being healed of blindness,
including one man who had been blind for sixteen years.
He was not
instantly healed during the prayer for healing, but as he was eating his
lunch about one hour later, he suddenly was able to see the food that
he was eating. He returned (without anyone to lead him) to testify of his
A young child, less than two years old, had never been able to
stand by herself. She was instantly healed, and was able to stand
upright without help. Two demoniacs were brought—one bound with
chains and another with ropes. Both were delivered and filled with the
Holy Ghost.
morning, while Brother Jim Stark was preaching, the entire crowd of
400,000 inside the walls,
and thousands more outside,
bowed with their faces on the ground and
cried out to God in repentance. After a lengthy time of repentance,
Brother Doug Klinedinst preached a short time on the oneness of God
and then gave instruction to those who needed the Holy Ghost.
estimated 114,000 people testified to speaking with tongues for the
very first time.
In addition to the main crusade services, the General
Sunday School Division sent Brother and Sister Bob Morgans to
conduct services for the children. In two days, they ministered to more
70,000 children, and at least 30,000 of them received the Holy
conference was blessed with great preaching from crusade team
members Daniel Garlltz, Eli Hernandez, Tom O’Danlel, and David Ward.
Brother Tekiemarlam’s wife, Sister Mary, recorded
many of the
that took place. These include four blind people healed,
aparalyzed woman healed, demoniacs delivered, a woman with an
issue of blood was healed
as she stepped onto the crusade ground,
several children were healed of various diseases.
of the miracles of the crusade is that it rains during the final service
year This is usually a very hard downpour that lasts about an hour
Ethiopian saints say that this is a sign of the blessing of the Lord. When
Brother Billy Cole and his small team went to
the first crusade in 1992,
the conditions were quite primitive, and
the local population was
hostile to the crusade.
One year they hired witch doctors to sacrifice
seven cows to place a curse on the crusade.
Now, all the local farmers
plan to plant their crops just before our crusade,
so that they can take
advantage of the rain that everyone in the area knows will fall at the
close of the last service.
This year, it rained so hard that we could not
leave the platform to go to our bus for about an hour.
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